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ToER update 2019.1.8
ToER 2019.1.8 update includes: 1. When building long fences, it won't contribute to large number of sounds being played in the soundscape at the same time. 2. I...
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ToER update 2019.1.7
ToER 2019.1.7 update includes: 1. Updated models for Archer, Swordsman, Knight, Worker, Human Skeleton, Phantom and Wizard.
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ToER update 2019.1.6
ToER 2019.1.6 update includes: 1. Changes that jars would be attackable with right click or through attack button. Attack response will be also faster than befo...
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ToER update 2019.1.5
ToER 2019.1.5 update includes: 1. Worker resource collection fixes. Workers would now continue correctly working on resources when loading saved game. Also incl...
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ToER update 2019.1.4
ToER 2019.1.4 update includes: 1. Fix from 2019.1.3 that workers can chop trees again. 2. Building buildings are now allowed closer and preventing intersection...
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ToER update 2019.1.3
ToER 2019.1.3 update includes: 1. Units should now follow terrain more precisely. Units won't sink into the ground or walk in the air while passing near cliffs...
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ToER update 2019.1.2
ToER 2019.1.2 update includes: 1. Updated unit icons. 2. Horseman and Horse units are now properly centred.
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ToER update 2019.1.1
2019.1.1 version includes 1. Corrected and reduced search distances for attackers. 2. Fix that when war ends between nations, attackers would stop fighting imme...
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